Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Modi may not visit Kumbh Mela on 12 February

Ashok Singhal ducks queries on Narendra Modi

Modi popular among masses, Singhal compares him to Nehru

VHP leader Praveen Togadia known for fierce 'hate speeches'

Praveen Togadia: Martyrs' soul will get peace after hanging of Afzal

'Dharm Sansad' begins, Modi supporters shout for his name

I do not want to make my personal opinion public: Praveen Togadia

Swami Awadhesh Giri's special style in Maha Kumbh

Gujarat's tribal community comes for holy dip

Juna Akhada enters into Kumbh area to take holy dip

Pandit Jasraj and Awadeshanand take holy dip in Sangam

Mahanirvani Akhara and Atal Akhara take holy dip during 'Mauni Amavasya'

Niranjani Akhada reaches Sangam for holy dip

Large numbers of devotees take holy dip during 'Mauni Amavasya'

Crowd after accident at outside of station

Railway GM Alok Jauhari says destruction at station became reason of sta...

Witnesses recount Allahabad station stampede

Two times stampede killed devotees at Allahabad station

Disarrangement kills devotees at Allahabad Railway station

Uma Bharti reaches at Allahabad railway station

We were not expecting such a huge crowd: Pawan Kumar Bansal